Wedding Gifts For Your Big Day

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Choosing the right kind of wedding favours is important if you want to give your guests something they can appreciate and use. Otherwise, they will just stuff your favours in a suitcase somewhere and forget about them.

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Do you intend to make your wedding favors yourself or buy them from a wedding gift store? Both approaches have pros and cons that you need to explore.

You can buy supplies for your favours of choice at a wholesale store and proceed to make wedding gifts for your guests. The option is usually much cheaper but labor intensive. You will also have the opportunity to make unique items for your loved ones.

Making homemade favours for your wedding will be easier if you have plenty of helping hands or the resources required to make them. The option will also work of you intend to invite a few wedding guests.

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You can also choose to create artistic items like bookmarks, key-holders, scented candles, homemade soaps, and so on. Just make sure that your favours of choice are easy to do, practical, and something that your guests will appreciate. Look up Pinterest and you can find a lot such ideas here and here.

Should you decide to go with store bought favours for your wedding, then your options will be too many to count.

You could opt for something as sophisticated as cufflinks for men and brooches for women. High-end perfumes and colognes are also a good idea. If you want something simpler, items like letter openers, thank-you cards, and scented soap bars, are great options to start with.

Alternatively, you can make several lists of your expected guests and give them different wedding favours based on their preferences. The more personalized a wedding favour is, the happier your wedding guests will be.

Bottom Line

Choosing wedding favours Singapore stores offer, is something that you should take time on. After all, you need to show appreciation for those who have chosen to attend your wedding. Why not give them something to remember your wedding by?

Tips On Getting a Good Videographer

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Your wedding videos, regardless of the quality and format, won’t make a lot of sense in the absence of documentation and other essential effects. It’s the responsibility of your videographer to edit the videos in order to include your preferred soundtracks and graphics. Remember to specify the music you want for the soundtracks. You’ll definitely get what you want if you work closely with your videographers.

The following tips will act as an eye opener to finding good singapore wedding videographers. Since we have a basic knowledge of what they can do, the headache remains on finding one who will impress you. Which is the best way to find a reliable videographer?

Get Recommendations

Instead of worrying yourself so much, why can’t you ask for recommendations from your friends and family? If you have a photographer, he/she can be very useful in helping you get a professional videographer. Some photographers are also involved in videography. Out of the recommendations you get, prepare a list of names and do a research on each of them.

When we were looking for a professional to film our big day, we asked around and scoured forums. We saw this article on how to get a good local wedding videographer singapore.

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Ask for an Example

Whether they call it an example, sample, or demo, it’s all the same thing. What you should ask for is a full wedding tape, which was entirely taken and edited by the videographer in question. Gauge the quality of the product and decide whether you would like a similar product for your wedding or a better quality.

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The Style of Wedding Video Play you Prefer

Do you want your wedding video to play in a documentary-style or as on independent film? Some videographers have vast knowledge and experience in the videography and filmmaking industry. Such guys will deliver exactly what you want from them. The choice is yours; offer them what they demand and receive what you demand.

Finally, respect and etiquette in front of your wedding day guests is what you need to embrace most. Your videographer should be very keen not to have any disputes with the celebrants. Such disputes can spoil the entire thing, including the video quality. So, it’s your responsibility to hire an obedient and observant person. That is all about how to find the best wedding videographer in Singapore.

Fun Ideas for Your Hen Parties

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Ding! Ding! The big day is coming! Any plans on having a party on the night before? Called the Hen Party, it is usually a fun party to mark the end of the singlehood and to just have a one last wild night out!

So, what ideas can you implement to make your hen party more interesting?

How about a yacht party?

Who said that a hen party should be held on land? You can opt for the unconventional and throw a yacht hen party before your wedding day. In fact, you can throw multiple parties over the course of several days to celebrate your last days of single-hood. The parties could then culminate into your wedding day celebration.

If you opt for a yacht as a hen party venue, you may want to consider combining both your party and that of your spouse to be. The parties can be held in different areas of a large yacht if you would rather. Everyone who will be a wedding guest can be invited for a cruise with a wedding celebration being the climax.

yacht party for your wedding!

Be the camper

Who said that hen parties have to be held under a roof? You can choose to camp as a way to celebrate your last days as a single woman. You can party the nights away under the moon and the stars if you wish. Just make sure that you do not forget the toilet paper!

Camping is a very creative way of celebrating the last days before your wedding. You will be at one with nature. The opportunity to test yourself against nature is one that can teach you useful survival skills.

You can add another dimension of fun by bringing your groom-to-be along. What better way to prepare for marriage than to see each other at your worst?

Bottom Line

You do not need to stick with traditional activities for your hen night. Take time to implement an out-of-the-box idea that will be memorable for a long time to come. A creative hen party should go a long way in making all your invited guests happy and relaxed.